How to install Wireless printer in windows 7

wireless printer
Install wireless printer is easy for windows 7, but for some users, there are sometimes difficulties to install  wireless printer drivers on windows 7. In principle, how to install  wireless printer on windows 7 the same as installing other types of printers. 

Broadly speaking, how to install it are as follows:
  1. Insert the CD that include in a wireless printer buying box  to the computer room CD that will be installed. We will be beginning the software setup and initial network configuration setup.
  2. Select the location of software will be installed and supporting components of wireless printers
  3. You need to Turn on wireless printer and avoid to connect except needed by the software. If the sofware does not recognize the printer, you must connect via the  USB cable.
  4. Enter the name of printer and IP address. it could be dynamic IP address or  static IP address. For bigger networks in order to prevent conflicts on the network requires a static IP address or let the software find a static IP for you.
  5. Next Press "Continue" for finalizing the installation wireless printer. The process of installing a wireless printer on the Windows 7 take about 30 minutes for all instalation.
  6. To install on another computer,take this step : "Start - Printers and Faxes" and then  "Add a Printer" and then Select "A Network Printer" in order to see network printer list. Next Select the printer name from Step 4 to install and access the wireless printer.
So how to install wireless printer drivers on windows 7. In principle the same as usual printer installation.


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