6 ways to save printing cost of inkjet printer

printing cost
Saves Ink is a way to save printing cost that delivers high impact on your printing budget. Inkjet printers are one type of printer which is still widely circulating in the market. This printer was chosen because of the price of this printer is the cheapest among the existing printer. But behind the cheap price of inkjet printers, printer users are also faced with the printing costs of this printer in which the cost of consumables (ink) if using original ink will be felt expensive. It is mostly only realized when the original ink on a new inkjet printer has run out. There are a few tips to maximize your printer to save ink so it will save printing cost. Ink saving tips include :
  1. Use ink only to print documents that are really important, keep the printing process does not make mistakes that cause must reprint. This can save on printer ink should be used. 
  2. Use the economy mode when the printer is available on the printer features for regular document printing. 
  3. Do not just replace the ink cartridges when the ink runs out warning lights flashing because the ink cartridges can still be used. Usually there are still 20% of the ink when the lights are flashing. 
  4. Use the compatible cartridges to replace the original cartridges that have been depleted. Make sure you use good quality compatible cartridges. Good use of compatible cartridges will save more than 40% of your printing costs. 
  5. Use the external tube of ink if possible on the printer by modifying the printer. You only need to fill the ink on the external tube and save 60% of your printing costs. 
  6. Select also the option to refill your ink cartridges when the ink has run out. This method greatly saves your printing expenses. Ink cartridges can be refilled up to several times of charging.

Some of the methods above can be used to save printing cost of your inkjet printer so that printing costs go way down. Make sure you use compatible cartridges and ink refill services of a professional so your results can be good. Some tips about the printer and scanner you also can see in  www.partofprinter.blogspot.com


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