printer test page
printer test page is usually used when we want to know the condition of the cartridge that you installed on the printer. This test is useful to know the condition of the cartridge that we install and whether the ink / toner in the cartridge is still there. printer test page is also used to determine print quality from the printer. Sometimes when we rarely use the printer, the printer will give poor print quality. This could be caused by many things, among others, the condition of the printer that is damaged, defective cartridge spare parts because it is rarely used, clumping toner, the ink is dry, and various other things. 
printer test page used to know if there is damage to the printer. We can print a test page on the printer according to the default printer or using our own standardized tests. In general, the features of the printer option is always equipped with a printer test page. test page is used to determine the condition of the printer and printer cartridges at the time of initial use or upon the replacement cartridge.

printer test page is usually in the form of images or text that will give us information on the latest condition of printer output. On some printers, the printer test page also contains a number of pages that have been printed and page yield remaining. You can test this page until you get the prints according to your wishes. If the first printout is still bad, you can perform maintenance on your printer using the option feature maintenance. This feature includes the cleaning head cartridge that can be done through direct orders through your personal computer. printer test page on a laser printer that produces print quality is not good, you should spend your cartride to repair your cartridge. If you are a professional, you can learn the correct cartridge guides that you can find among others in portable printer or if you are unsure then you can take it to service center.
printer test page is very useful to know the condition of the printer and print cartridge when the first time. This test is very useful for treating the condition of your printer when the printer is rarely used. You can perform a printer test page every 3 days to prevent damage to the printer due to the printer does not work on a long time. An easy job that will help you maintain your printer in order to prolong the life of the printer.


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