The technology supporting wireless portable printer

wireless connection
wireless connection
Wireless portable printers are becoming popular for users printers lately. they need a printer that can be used in a mobile condition and can connect with a variety of the latest gadgets wherever located. Ease of connectivity between gadgets and practicality in the transport becomes an important factor in the popularity of wireless portable printer.
In terms of output quality, many manufacturers also offer prints of sufficient quality for business. Print speed is also quite interesting offer for users of portable printers. The technology is installed as a wireless portable printer support are as follows:
  • IrDA
IrDA stands for infrared. This is a standard for communication between devices over short distances using infrared signals. This device works only about one meter and requires a direct line of sight and light interference prone.
  • Bluetooth
Bluetooth is a communication device that has a high enough connection speed, higher than infra red. This device works for a longer distance, does not require a direct connection (visible) and the interference of light is not affected.
  • Wi Fi
Wifi is a new feature offered new types of wireless portable printer. Speed ​​of the printing process will be strongly supported by this feature. Wifi is a wireless portable printer features that must be present for the latest models.
Most printers are now supported bluetooth features because of the speed and ease in making connections between gadgets. Bluetooth is also more support in communication with other wireless devices such as headsets, GPS, PDA and mobile phones. In buying a
wireless portable printer now points to consider first is the availability of the bluetooth feature as a standard feature. Features that must be considered next is Wifi, where this feature will become standard features of wireless portable printers in the future.


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