HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer - a sexy mobile printer

hp officeJet 100
HP OfficeJet 100 is a type of mobile printers have a slightly updated design of the old type. I call this printer "a sexy mobile  printer" because it has a more sleek design of the printer and convenient to carry on the way. Meets a printer as a mobile printer / portable printer.  Weight HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer about 5 pounds which is almost equal to the weight of the laptop. Accessories available on this printer is Bluetooth and bags for the purchase of this printer through the HP website. Printer uses lithium ion batteries and battery backup along at say able to print 500 pages. Control panel located on the bottom with a fairly ergonomic layout.
Advantages of HP OfficeJet 100 : 
  • print speed is pretty good with good quality, 
  • wireless devices using Bluetooth and other connection options that ease of use.  
  • Rechargeable batteries and backup batteries that make use of outdoor comfort without electricity.
  • Dimension printers are small and light weight printers suitable for mobile use. so i call this printer as ' sexy mobile printer"
Disadvantages of HP OfficeJet 100 :
  • price of the printer HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer is quite high.  
  • the consumables price is quite expensive 
  • no WiFi feature
  • there is no card slot SD / mini SD and MMC

HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer is a printer that can be a choice in buying a portable printer. Printers and printer consumables prices that are higher than similar printers will be replaced with the quality of the prints are quite good. The absence of the card slot SD / mini SD and MMC create difficulties in the ability to print directly from the camera but can be used slots pict bridge to the camera. The absence of WiFi feature is one drawback of this printer because the WiFi feature is a feature that became standard features as the latest portable printer. In general, this printer provides high print quality and connectivity features are enough for a portable printer. Price factor is the factor determining whether you buy this sexy mobile printer, or you try the printer with similar features but with a cheaper price


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