A guide of inkjet printing technology

inkjet printer technology
In the world of printing, inkjet printing technology is the technology used in almost all categories of use. This printer model is used in offices, homes, printing and various other categories of usage. Inkjet printing technology is used for home use, office and mobile and also this technology also supports the use of a LAN and for wireless use.
Prints using inkjet printers produce photo quality images that can be relied upon. Inkjet printing technology has grown so rapidly with the output of the higher print quality. Inkjet printers for photography facility has even been in production to produce images with quality professional photography.
In fact, inkjet printing is not without flaws, this technology uses the principle of staining using the wet ink. Take some time for the output generated image or picture dry. The results of printing with inkjet technology is also easily damaged when exposed to water or other spills. 
A deficiency of using inkjet printing technology that is often compared with the laser technology is the problem of printing speed and maximum volume printing. Inkjet technology provides a lower print speed of laser printing technology. This makes it difficult to shift the dominance of laser printing technology in the office use that requires high print speeds and high print volumes.
In general, inkjet printers are divided into two categories namely :

1. Cheap inkjet printer category

This printer costs about $ 100 for single-function printers and about $ 150 for multi-function printers. These printers are mostly intended for office and home categories.
The printer of this type already supports photo printing features, but limited in functionality of the camera direct printing (PictBridge) and memory card facility.

2. Inkjet printer category photocentric

price of this printer is approximately $ 150 for a single printer and about $ 300 for multi-function printers. These printers are mostly used for photo printing functions. This category printers produce high quality photo prints and other features required in the print function using either a network or wireless. Features printer category will facilitate the conduct photocentric print directly from cameras and memory card usage.

Several types of inkjet printing technology as well in mobile design that allows the use of the outdoors. For this type, ease of use outside the room using the battery will have consequences printing a limited number. This type of printer provides wireless using Bluetooth or wifi. Design mobile printer / portable printer will make the transport for the mobile user to be fun. Different types of inkjet printers will allow you to choose an inkjet printer is suitable for you according to your needs.


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