Canon counter reset for Pixma MP145/MP160

In canon printers, canon counter reset facility is not available on all types of existing printers. One of the printers that do not have canon counter reset  facility is Canon Pixma MP145/MP160. This printer does not have software that is added to the printer software that is useful to reset the counter.
Are you not able to reset the counter on this printer? Do not worry. You can reset the counter by using a manufacture secret code . By doing the reset using the secret code of manufacture, then you can still do a reset counter on this printer. This code has been tested and works with canon counter reset. Phase reset the counter using a
manufacture secret code can be done as follows:
  1. At the time the condition of power off the printer but the printer remains connected to a power source, you can press the Power button. At the same time you also hold down the Stop / Reset. 
  2. When the power is on, press the Stop / Reset twice the same time you press and hold the Power button.
  3. The printer will then move to the state service mode when you release the Power button and the Stop / Reset.
  4. When the on / off switch on the printer is showing a green light, you can reset the counter by pressing the Stop / Reset button several times according to the reset function that exist in the table below.
Note: the process of canon reset this counter, each time the button Stop / Reset you press, the LED light turns orange and green, starting with orange color

The number of the reset button to be pressed and functions that operate:
The number of the Reset button pressing
LED colour
Reset Function
0 time
Power off
1 time
Service pattern print
2 times
EEPROM print
3 times
EEPROM reset
4 times
Waste ink counter reset

That's the stage to perform canon counter reset using a secret code production. This method is for use as an alternative to reset the counter on canon pixma MP145/MP160 because these printers do not provide a software reset on the printer. Overall how to reset the counter on canon MP145/MP160 above is a way not recommended by the manufacturer and probably will damage your printer's warranty. Make sure you already think well before doing the above. Good luck.


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